Located at 3156 Tamiami Trail, Quick Lane Auto Service is your convenient greater Port Charlotte - Fort Myers area auto service and repair shop. If you'd like to schedule an appointment, please take a moment to complete our online service form or call us at (888) 663-0210.

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Fast easy car repairs near Charlotte Park Florida

Auto Repair Charlotte Park FL

The finest automotive repair services you can imagine are just a short trip from your doorstep, Charlotte Park.  A quick jaunt on route 45 will get you to Don Gasgarth’s Auto Repair in Port Charlotte, and that’s the first step toward saving big.

At Don Gasgarth’s Auto Repair in Port Charlotte, we’re not in the car business.  We’re in the customer business.  We just happen to know everything there is about automotive sales and repairs, and we want to put that knowledge and expertise to work for you.  Whether you’re stopping in for an oil change or dropping off your four-wheeled baby for major repairs, you can trust in us to get the job done right the first time, and in a fashion that meets your schedule and budget.  Anything less simply won’t due, and that’s why your friends and neighbors all around Punta Gorda are already singing our praises. 

Brake problems in Charlotte Park? No problem-- Oil change = Fast Service that is why we call it Quick Lane.

(888) 663-0210

Collision Center in Charlotte Park Florida

A car accident is a hornet’s nest of trouble no person should ever have to go through, but into every driver’s life at least one unforeseen collision is going to occur.  Our worry free collision center in Port Charlotte is one of the best in the country, and it’s stocked to the gills with all the parts and materials needed to get you rolling again, and staffed with the finest and most skilled technicians this side of the Gulf. 

Repairing collisions means getting it right the first, time.  If you don’t, the vehicle will never run the same again.  So why should you come to us for collision repairs when you can go somewhere closer to home?  Because we have the expertise in staff and facilities that will guarantee a five-star experience.  Our record of success is built on free quotes, and patient service representatives who’ll go through the estimate with a fine-toothed comb to work with you and your insurance company as efficiently as possible. 

No one can prevent accidents, but only Don Gasgarth’s Auto Repair can sweep up the pieces so skillfully, safely, and speedily, you’ll forget it ever happened.  That’s peace of mind you can’t put a price tag or mileage count on. 

(888) 663-0210

Car Air Conditioning Repair in Charlotte Park Florida

Even the alligators think that Florida summers are too hot, which is why you won’t catching a Florida driver without working AC in their vehicle for those summer commutes.  When your car’s AC goes haywire, though, you need to make the right call to get it working again properly and in a timely way. 

We can get the job done at Don Gasgarth’s Auto Repair, guaranteed.  Your car’s interior will be comfortably frosty in no time flat at Don Gasgarth’s Auto Repair.

Auto Parts in Charlotte Park Florida

No one’s better connected to the network of suppliers and retailers of auto parts than Don Gasgarth’s Auto Repair Center.  You can’t succeed as a business without friends, and throughout his career in all things automotive, Don Gasgarth has built partnerships with auto parts providers all across the state, and when suppliers compete for your business, that translates to the lowest prices on parts around for customers of Don Gasgarth’s Auto Repair. 

We keep all major parts and materials stocked on site, and whatever we can’t immediately lay hands on we can get here in no time at all.  If you value savings to your calendar and checkbook, then the choice is clear: there’s no better, more affordable automotive repair service than Don Gasgarth’s Auto Repair in Port Charlotte. 

Count on our Quick Lane auto center for all your car care needs!

(888) 663-0210


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